December 22nd, 2010


That time of year again.

Couldn't get to sleep until one am. Woke up at six forty five. Finished packing (packing list brain dump made much easier thanks to Workflowy), and got a taxi to the bus station sensibly early, now waiting for my coach. For some reason half of the stances are empty and the one I'm waiting at has six departures in half an hour and is therefore surrounded by a horde of warmly wrapped zombiestravelers.

Made a quick dash to the nearby Greggs, got a sandwich and drink for breakfast, and then discovered that the toilets have a turnstile. Which means I can't get in with the suitcase (full of the presents that managed to arrive despite the snow), and there's nowhere to leave it. Am therefore going to skip the drink.

Update - thirty seconds later the coach turned up, driver took my case and told me I had ten minutes to dash to the loo while she grabbed a coffee. Glad to see security theater hasn't taken over the while transport system...

Only bad news so far is the the cottage wifi isn't working. Apparently the router isn't where it should be. So internet will be sporadic. Irritating, but not the end of the world. I'm just glad I bought three books with.

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Public service announcement

Phone line in cottage: broken
Mobile phone coverage: 2g
Email is working (but no attachments), but web surfing is horribly slow, because even basic pages seem to be hundreds of kilobytes nowadays.
So I'll respond to comments in a week or so and if you need a more rapid response then sms is the best method.
Nobody do anything exciting until I get back.