December 8th, 2010


This looks promising

Edit: Oh FFS, this would be LJ losing videos again. I'm leaving this here so I remember to track down the trailer for Dirk Gently that's coming out soon, and repost it.

(Can't get to YouTube from work)

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Question for the floor

So, if I was to be getting my hands on a 360 at some point in the next two and a half weeks, what games are must haves?

Bonus points for multiplayer coop that I can play with Julie on the same TV. Oh, and bear in mind that I already have GH for the Wii, and also the Lego Star Wars/Indie games.

Edit: I enjoy a mix of genres, but tend to play FPS games with a mouse and keyboard. The games we've enjoyed playing the most recently were Mario Galaxy(1 and 2) and Super Mario Bros, so any platformers (2 or 3D) are appreciated. We also enjoyed Lego Star Wars and Indiana Jones a lot.