October 29th, 2010



There was discussion of the Vorkosigan novels the other day (in the "what should Andy read next" discussion under the Culture poll). And I was debating picking up one of them when soon_lee alerted me that if I bought the latest one (Cryoburn) in hardback then it came with a CD containing ebook versions of all of the previous ones.

I can't possibly pass up a chance like that, so I've ordered it. £13.99 for a complete series of books makes it definitely worthwhile taking a chance on.

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Following discussions here in a post about Condorcet voting, I thought I'd ask people what voting system people would like for a single-winner voting system.

Let's say you have three parties:
Marmite, Vegemite and Peanut Butter

Vegemite lovers hate Marmite and vice versa. Peanut Butter isn't loved by as many, but isn't hated either.

You have 249 voters. Everyone ranks their preferences in order.

100 people vote marmite 1, peanut butter 2, vegemite 3
99 people vote vegemite 1, peanut butter 2, marmite 3
26 people vote peanut butter 1, vegemite 2, marmite 3
24 people vote peanut butter 1, marmite 2, vegemite 3

FPTP: Marmite wins, because only one vote per person counts, and more people voted marmite than anyone else (100->99->50).
AV: Vegemite wins, because after peanut butter is knocked out of the running, and the second-place votes are transferred, it has 125 votes to marmite's 124.
Condorcet: We compare each option to each other one, and see which one wins. Peanut Butter beats Marmite (149->100), Peanut Butter beats Vegemite (150->99), Vegemite beats Marmite (125->124). As Peanut Butter wins all of its battles, it's the victor, Vegemite is in second place.

Which of these three systems would you rather have, based on the above?

Marmite wins
Vegemite wins
Peanut Butter wins