October 15th, 2010

Hold Me, Says Tom

Lessons Learned

Some nice bits of advice came out yesterday on this post.

From nancylebov
1. You're alive at the moment.
2. The fact that something hurts doesn't mean everything hurts.
3. You are not uniquely defective.
3. You have some influence over things, and can probably get more skillful at applying it.
4. People who give you advice don't necessarily know what they're talking about, they may just sound right.

From philipalden
The only constant is change.
The only time that matters is Now.
Compassion, Humility, Moderation

If you have anything you can add, then I'd love that.

A request on responses - please refrain from attacking other people's advice. Life lessons are frequently personal, and what works for one person may well not work for you. If you have contradictory advice to give then I'd love to hear it - just leave it as a separate comment rather than trying to tell people that their advice is wrong.

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