October 11th, 2010


Delicious LiveJournal Links for 10-11-2010


My weekend

Saturday was a day of board games.

Thanks to despotliz and coalescent talking about it on Twitter I picked up Dominion a couple of weeks ago. I've played it in the past with a meaningrequired and also with marrog and erindubitably and decided to introduce my brother's gaming group to it. It went down well, and everyone seemed to enjoy it. There was certainly plenty of swearing at bad card combos coming up, as well as extreme happiness when a plan came to fruition.

We also playtested a new game my brother is working on - with one orc chieftain apiece we headed out to see who could pillage the most human villages, towns and cities. Good starting point - it was good fun - and then plenty of discussion of how to fine-tune it.

And then we played an F1 game called Formula D which, despite not caring even slightly about racing, was exceptionally good fun. Judging what speed/gear to be in and how tightly to take corners, how much risk to take, etc. was actually very gripping. I'd happily play it again.

Sunday was spent chatting to Julie on IM and the phone, and then headign to Endiran. If you are the kind of person who likes ridiculous action sequences, massive numbers of identical robots forming themselves into giant snakes, and five minute breaks for gratuituous pop videos, then this is the movie for you. And if you're _not_ that kind of person then I pity you.

Question for ya

Back in ye olden days, photos of weird phenomena used to turn up intermittently. Bigfoot. Aliens. UFOs. Ghosts.

Now that everyone and their in-bred cousin-sister has a phone that can stream live HD video to the world, where have they all gone?

(question posed to me by octopoid_horror)
Wibbledy Weep

I got yer future right here!

So, I have a hand held device that allows me instantaneous access to the complete knowledge of mankind wherever I happen to be.

But it's not quite as good as star trek, because whilst I have a communicator, I don't have tricorder.

Except, yesterday I downloaded Instant Heart Rate, which is the cleverest thing I've bumped into this week.

It turns the flash on the phone to constant full power, while you place your finger over the camera lens. This means that the camera basically transmits the colour pink.

Except - and this is the clever bit - the shade of pink changes whenever your heart beats. And so it can tell (given a couple of seconds) what my pulse is. Genius!

(And free on Android, despite being $2 on iPhone. No idea why.)