October 3rd, 2010


The days fly past like chrononauts

Apparently I joined Twitter exactly three years ago. Discovering this (via, of course, an automated tweet), sent me out looking to see how long I'd been using other services.

I joined Facebook on the 23rd of February 2007. So three and a half years ago.

And Livejournal on December 14th 2001. Eight and a half years.

That seems like a terribly long time. I've discovered a lot of cool people in that time though, so I'm marking it down as a positive.
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More news I like

This time from an interview with Ken Clarke, the Conservative Secretary State for Justice. And someone on the liberal end of the Conservative Party:

Backed up by sympathetic allies among the Lib Dems, Clarke has been talking about a “rehabilitation revolution” in the justice system. Plans include widespread restorative justice, diverting drug addicts and the mentally ill out of jail, and a sentencing overhaul. The result could be thousands of people convicted of minor crimes being given community alternatives to prison.

“The speech to judges I made, they were my views,” says Clarke, “shared actually by 90% of the people who’ve got anything to do with the criminal justice system… It helps that I have Liberal Democrat coalition partners..."

Occasionally, he goes further, once with a comment that could rile his colleagues on the right, who fear the Lib Dems are watering down the party's agenda.

"It is my view that we have the possibility, if we get it right, of delivering more as a coalition than a Conservative government with a small majority in parliament could have delivered. I think the present situation, in the national interests, from the national point of view, is better than a Conservative government with a tiny majority over two opposition parties would have been."

I should add that the last few Labour people in the same role have been reprehensible, in my view,and horribly, horribly authoritarian. This is a vast improvement.