September 12th, 2010


Good Lord, it's 2:30am

After our busy day of Dynamic Earth and Kismot, I had a bath, Julie put some makeup on, and we headed out to Storm's birthday drinks. I hadn't been to the Auld Hoosein aaaages, and it was delightful to bump into a bunch of different people I also hadn't seen in an age.

At midnight-ish some people decamped to Ascension, which was in The Banshee Labyrinth, a venue I generally dislike because it's so spread out, meaning that when the DJ plays something decent everyone is too far away from the dance floor to (a) realise and (b) make it there before the next track comes on. However, Julie felt like dancing for the first time in an age (helped by the influence of red wine), so we followed them twenty minutes later. We bumped into a whole _other_ bunch of people I hadn't seen in months, and ended up dancing until 2am, and then walking home through Holyrood Park, keeping ourselves going by complaining to each other of our various aches and pains (sore feet for me, aching knee tending for Julie, plus a scratch of unknown origin on her leg).

In any case, had a great time, we both enjoyed ourselves thoroughly, and it's clearly now time for bed (although Julie has just expressed a preference for dancing to seventies disco, sore knee and all - I suspect the influence of that red wine). I hope your Saturday nights have been fun.

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