August 30th, 2010


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I seem to have developed a taste for 90s trance

Listening to music on headphone in the office


Nodding your head along to music in the office


Singing along to music in the office

GOOD if it's the entire office doing Bohemian Rhapsody together. Otherwise BAD

Poll inspired by me having discovered the band Union Jack, suddenly realising that I was bopping along to the music. I _think_ I managed to stop myself before any of my officemates noticed...
Academically speaking

Up and Down and Round and Round

Today I had my 6-monthly review. I need to buy my manager a thesaurus, because once again he used the word "excellent" four times. Possibly next time I can persuade him to use "awesome", "fantastic", or "EPIC WIN".

My evening went less well, as I completely failed to notice that I was supposed to meet werejud, cairmen and various others for dinner, and werejud's reminder text arrived an hour after I was supposed to be there. I'm not the world's best at being at places exactly on time (although I'm markedly better than I used to be) - but I don't think I've managed to completely forget I'm supposed to be at something in years. My phone provider (Orange) clearly hates me, because the phone message that cairmen left me as they left the restaurant also failed to arrive until an hour after it was left. Altogether a terribly frustrating evening.

The only good thing to come out of it was that Julie and I had a few hours free to rearrange the living room for when the two builders/damp experts come to give quotes on Wednesday and Thursday. I did consider having them both quote at the same time, and using a "two surveyor's enter, one surveyor leaves" policy, but decided that I'd let the insurance company decide which one to go with.

Tomorrow morning I'm giving a presentation on the automated acceptance testing software I seem to have become the expert on for work. Knowing my luck the technology will spontaneously combust when I try to demo it...