August 21st, 2010

conspiracy theories

Facebook knows all

I have seven message on my "Wall" wishing me happy birthday. So it probably is.

I also have five messages from various forums that I've clearly told my date of birth at some point. And one from Philips.

Why, exactly, forums (or companies) think that wishing me on my birthday gets them anything other than a swift press of the delete key, I have _no_ idea.

Anyway, it was nice to wake up to find a multitude of well-wishings from real people too.

My dad's up for the weekend, so my birthday will be a family affair this year. We went out for Nepalese food last night, this afternoon we'll be either on the beach or on Arthur's Seat, and this evening will be spent at a comedy thing in The Fringe.

I hope you are all enjoying the anniversary of my birth.

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