August 11th, 2010


You can trust Fox News

Apparently some news has broken about the US President's father, who is a farmer. He's being accused of some kind of weird smuggling plot, involving smuggling nightwear inside preserved animals to tibetan monks.

Apparently there's an Obama Farmer Llama Embalmer in Lama Pyjama Drama.

Delicious LiveJournal Links for 8-11-2010


Stupid idea of the day

If voting took place over a couple of days, with counting going on simultaneously, and the results available in real time, then this would encourage more people to participate as time went on, if they saw that the result was close, and thus their vote mattered.

Has this ever been tried, and if so, what appalling side-effects did it have?

We Rule. Yay!

Julie is currently bored, slightly drunk, and surfing OK Cupid. She's reading out the worst descriptions to me, interspersed with mutterings of "I'm sooo glad I'm not single any more."

And then she did a search of Edinburgh+250 miles, men who like women, age 27-40, sorted by match percentage.

I was top of the list.

It's not like I _believe_ in OK Cupid's rating algorithms. But it's still nice to have the internet on my side :->