June 30th, 2010


Oh Thank Fuck

I got a phone call from HP this morning, wherein a lovely Indian person told me that HP were going to fix it "as a goodwill gesture".

Thank you so much to the people who commented on my original post telling me to try that approach as the laptop wasn't that old. Particularly to Jackie (who noticed that it wasn't that old, because her laptop is the same age), and Ami, who mentioned the particular law I should reference. I really didn't think I was going to get anywhere with it, as I believed that HP would just shrug it off - so glad to have them offer to repair it, without any complaints or queries!

That's £400 I'm not going to have to spend when we don't have it!
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I don't know how I got any work done before the internet

I was writing something to automatically produce an Excel report on our DB2 usage, and I wanted to automatically resize the columns. A quick google for excel autosize columns c# and the second hit told me the answer was "Worksheet.UsedRange.Columns.AutoFit();"

I could go and try and find the answer via the help files, but I suspect I'd be looking for a while. Google really is my best friend when coding. Well, that and Resharper.