June 25th, 2010



My desktop is about 7 years old. My laptop isn't great for games. Logic dictates that I should get a new PC, but I couldn't really justify it.

Until this morning, when the laptop died. Totally refused to turn on, with the caps-lock light flashing 5 times in succession, a signal that the internet informs me means "motherboard fucked".

I phoned HP, who do out of warranty repairs, to be quoted £260. As it only cost me £400 this seems a tad silly. A part of me wishes I'd got the three year warranty with it. I'd never bothed with a desktop, but laptops don't have replaceable parts in the same way.

So it looks like I'll be buying a new PC in the near future. Not that we can really afford it. It's going to have to be a cheap one.

A quick google tells me that an Athlon 630x4 and an ATI 5670 are both at the right point on the price/performance graph for me. Anyone want to tell me different?

(Figures from here and here)

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Further computer stuff

I've lodged an incident with HP, using slight-legalese to get across the fact that I know of the existence of the Sale of Goods Act (1979). I'll see what they come back with. I was pretty impressed that I got a phone call from an engineer within 5 minutes of submitting the form.

In the meantime I'm using a login on Julie's desktop, which is a quad-core box, and absolutely gorgeous. I want one, badly. But not this week, if it can be helped. I've been looking to see if I can get a dead version of my laptop, to use for spares, but nothing on eBay today.

Thanks for the advice from the various people yesterday - much appreciated.