May 25th, 2010


The joys of tech support

This sent to me by johnbobshaun, who is a developer at a small company, and thus occasionally gets dragged into support stuff:
Came in this morning to multiple reports from our sales team had encountered problems using our website at the weekend because that it was making "noises". Like a car alarm or something.

In my current state of extreme tiredness I'd managed to forget about two things.

1) The sales staff get confused by browser tabs and forget that they have multiple things open at the same time.
2) Google's 30th anniversary PacMan promotion.

A couple of annoying things about the Android

1) The status LED flashes to let me know when I have a new email.  Which is nice - especially as I can set the colour based on which account it arrives in.  However, if it's plugged in and charging then the LED goes orange (or green when it's finished charging) and the notification flashes don't occur.  How hard would it be to have it be orange, and flash blue for a new email?

2) Why is it that the official Facebook app doesn't show events?  And the Facebook touch site doesn't show you who is coming to your events?  I have to switch to the mobile (or normal) site to see who's coming along to something.  Stupid Facebook.

Well that was interesting

It seems to me that part of the reason why discussions of sexual assault, get very heated very quickly is that some people view "assault" as a great big thing.  If someone was assaulted then _something very bad happened_.  This means that when something happens that they don't see as being that awful, then they object to the word "assault", because it doesn't emotionally resonate with them as feeling similar to the act that occurred.  What happened wasn't assault because it wasn't that bad (someone got kissed when they didn't want to be, it was just a hug, etc.).

At the extreme end you end up with things like Whoopi Goldberg's defence of Roman Polanski because what he did wasn't "rape rape" - because that would make Roman Polanski evil, which would make her a bad person for liking him.  At the milder end you have people arguing that kissing someone against their will isn't assault, because if it is then it means that people can be charged for drunkenly snogging someone they fancied in the pub without checking first.

In any case it means I end up with 70-odd comments while I'm away at a meeting on the other side of town, which I wasn't really expecting.