May 15th, 2010

pickup lines

Today's other important event

I have washed two loads of dishes, mopped the kitchen floor, hoovered every room in the flat, and put on two loads of washing. Meanwhile, Julie has tidied up a lot of clutter and cleaned a lot of surfaces.

Can you tell that my mother is visiting this afternoon?

Amy's Choice

Really liked it. Nicely self aware (for obvious plot-related reasons), and some great lines of dialogue. Not the best episode of Who I've seen, but a good solid one.
Read Watchmen Books


Was interesting, fun, and stressful. Somewhere between 120 and 160 people, I suspect, although I wouldn't swear to it. Only a short march, but it got people charged up. At the end we had brief speeches from a few politicians, as well as from someone Power 2010. Nothing bad happened, everyone was terribly polite, and I got to go around getting people to sign a petition while wearing a fluorescent jacket. I suspect I'll end up roped into more of these...