May 14th, 2010


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A simple solution to the 55% problem

Remove that rule.  This means that you can vote out a government, but that won't automatically trigger an election. The remaining MPs will then have to just work out a way of compromising if they want to pass anything, or sit with their feet up until the next election date passes.

Political Games

I had a sudden thought - the Conservatives have 47% of the seats - this means that they can't trigger another election without the support of the Lib Dems. Could the 55% rule be there just as much to keep the Lib Dems in power as it is to keep in the Conservatives? Because by-elections could bring the Conservatives+allies to the point where they could dissolve things, but that wouldn't (under the proposed system) allow them to call for another election.

On the other hand, if Labour turned itself around, was willing to form a coalition with LD, PC and SNP, and became a lot more liberal than they have been, then it would be possible for them to call a vote of no confidence and then form a government, without causing a new election to occur.

Have I got something wrong there?
obey the penguin

Politics and Demonstrations

I'm a fan of democracy. I think that First Past The Post is a grossly unfair system that causes all sorts of iniquities.

I've been very happy by the surge of interest in Proportional Representation, and been paying keen attention to the demonstrations organised over the last couple of weeks.

I didn't make it to the one in Glasgow last weekend, so when one came up in Edinburgh this weekend I was delighted that I'd get the chance to go along. When they asked for volunteers to help out with stewarding I was very happy to offer to help out.

Only now I'm hearing that the organisers changed their petition retroactively from "Voting Reform" to "Proportional Representation", and that (a) some of the people that signed up aren't actually supporters of full PR and (b) changing the words on a petition after it's been signed really isn't on.

However, the only place I've seen this so far is on a couple of friend's Facebook updates. I've not seen any discussion anywhere else, and I'd quite like to know whether there's some kind of misunderstanding, an individual doing something stupid, or an attempt at hijacking a mass movement going on.

Does anyone have any information they could share? Because I'd love to go along and get involved tomorrow, but I don't want to be party to unfair unscrupulous behaviour.