May 5th, 2010


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I have only come here seeking truth

Over on my post about the awful conditions in the Conservative's "model" council channelpenguin asks if it would be easy to find a Labour council that would be as bad.

And I don't know. But I sincerely hope that if I put up a post here trashing the Tories and it's wrong, or if there are equally good examples against other parties, then there'll be responses here telling me that Johann Hari as his facts wrong (with links to a rebuttal) , or that the situation isn't the fault of the local council (with links to the reasons why this is true).

Yes, I have opinions, and I will defend them - but I'm not dogmatic about them, and I'm delighted when someone presents me with evidence of my wrongness. This actually happens on a semi-regular basis, and the great thing about it is that I get to change my mind and be _less wrong_.

If I find something interesting, I link to it. And sometimes I find something interesting, but not entirely persuasive. So I link to it in the hope that someone will tell me why it's rubbish, or provide more information to make it more persuasive. Either is fine by me - I'm just using you all to my own ends :->
overwhelming firepower

Google Chrome question

Am I missing something, or is it impossible to change Chrome so that if I type in the top window it opens the link in a new tab? Or to stop it switching to a new tab if the link opens in one?

I thought that Adblock would be the thing that kept me on Firefox - it looks like TabMix Plus is equally important.