April 30th, 2010

Master and Doctor


Replacement phone arrived this evening at 9pm. Thank goodness for insurance!

We were having a quiet night in. I'm off for a family "thing" Friday night->Tuesday night, so Julie had some lovely Indian from Kismot and chatted for a while, before playing a few levels of the recent Mario Bros game (which is excellent two player fun).

Since when I've restored all of my contacts and calendar to the phone, installed Spotify onto it, and am now sticking my email software back onto it. I haven't been able to find the cable, so I've been doing all of this over bluetooth, which is inexplicably slow. Once that's sorted I just have to throw a few day's clothing into a suitcase and I can sleep...

One of the many problems with Labour

Is that they've been utterly unwilling to actually to take a stand on things. They seem to have this assumption that the entire country is made of Daily Mail voters who voted for them by mistake, and that if they want to keep in power then they have to do all the things they want to secretly, without ever actually standing up and saying "Actually, we believe X."

This has meant that after thirteen years of power they're still pretending that they haven't raised taxes (rather than having the conversation about what they want to do with more tax, and why they need it), and it means that they haven't stood up and said "Here is why we believe immigration is a good thing" and are instead stuck publically appeasing people who talk about immigration negatively, and then calling them bigoted behind their backs.

I know that expecting honesty from politicians is like expecting high quality type O blood from stones, but I really do think that Labour would be having a lot less trouble now if they'd been willing to have a fight with the Daily Mail back in 1998...

Delicious LiveJournal Links for 4-30-2010



Leaving asylum to one side for a moment as a special case:

People should

be allowed to live/work wherever they like.
be allowed to live/work in similar countries (i.e. within Europe, or other countries that have treaties), but outside of that they'd need to prove their worth by having specialist skills
be allowed to live/work only in countries where they have proven their worth by having specialist skills.
be allowed to live/work only in their country of birth.

Leaving, on a jet plane, as soon as the bugger actually arrives...

Julie met me after work and we walked together up to Waverly, where we caught the airport bus together. She's not coming down to London with me this weekend (she's off to her own family for a few days), but we now have a tradition of meeting each other at the airport, or seeing each other off. It gives us a bit of time in a liminal space, where there's no distractions, and nothing to do but chat to each other. It's a welcome gap where there's no tv, internet or PhD to distract either of us.

Anyway, we got to the airport in plenty of time, I had a pasty and she had a cup of tea, and then it was time for me to go through security so that I was through in plenty of time for my plane.

I was past security by less than 10 seconds when an announcement came over the tannoy that my plane was delayed by half an hour.


So I downloaded Joikuspot for the phone, which turns it into a WiFi hotspot, and got myself online, so I can keep myself amused. Sadly, I'll need the phone at the other end, so I can't do this for long before the battery dies.

Anyway, off to London for Saturday, and then Southampton Sunday->Tuesday. No idea if there's internet down there, so play nice while I'm away.