April 27th, 2010


Not the world's best timing

I left my phone on the bus today.  With almost no charge on it, so that I called it twice (to no avail) and then it turned itself off.

So I've called Lost Property for the bus company, but they won't get anything until tomorrow morning.

And I wouldn't actually mind that much in some ways, because I'm able to upgrade to an HTC Desire as of this weekend, and three days without a phone would probably actually be good for me.

However, I'm also off on holiday for 5 days as of Friday, and negotiating being picked up at trains stations, etc. is much easier with a mobile, as is keeping in touch with Julie while I'm away.

Fingers crossed the phone turns up for tomorrow morning.  If not I'll be making some sort of emergency phone provision...

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Mixed News Everyone!

Orange have barred my phone, as it hasn't turned up at lost property yet.  They've also told me that it's covered under my insurance, should it fail to turn up.  I've told them to not to put the claim through until I wait and see if the phone turns up tomorrow.  I'd hate to waste their time/money when I feel stupid for having lost it in the first place.

In other news, I've spent most of the day dealing with a strange bug in UIAutomation, whereby on some computers textboxes were being cleared when I set the text to blank, and on others only the first character was being removed. Solved, in the end, by sending the characters for Home, Shift-End and Del, one after the other. It only took me four hours to get there...