April 9th, 2010


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How should I vote?

Who should you vote for? UK General Election quiz

Liberal Democrat43
UK Independence-31

You expected: LIB

Your recommendation: Green

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And then there are my results on VoteForPolicies, which have me voting for Green 33%, Lib-Dem 33%, Con 22% and Lab 11%.

I have strong reservations about the Greens, largely because I'm pro-nuclear, and I view some of their policies as economically naive.

So that'll be me voting Lib-Dem at the next election!


More on politics

In Edinburgh East a vote is apparently worth 0.195 votes. Because it's a safe seat - Labour being 16% ahead of the Liberals. Still, last time round there was a 16.9% swing, so it's _possible_ it's just unlikely.

Check out how safe your seat is (if you're in the UK, that is. If you're in the USA then you have to sit this one out. You had all of your excitement a year ago...)

Thanks to the_magician for the link.
Dr Who

I love technology

What if we were invaded by Space Invaders? And Pac Man? And Donkey Kong? Gorgeous animation, that's what.

What if you combined multi-touch and pen input? Sheer coolness, that's what.