March 17th, 2010


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Orange seem to have gone crazy

Twice a year I get emailed with a Best Plan update, telling me if there's a better calling plan that would save me money based on my current usage.

The most recent one seems to have been created by a madman who thinks I might actually double the amount of money I spend on my mobile, even though I never go over my current inclusive minutes/texts...

your current plan your Get More Plan
Plan name Dolphin 30 Dolphin 75
Monthly subscription £25.00 £75.00
Inclusive minutes 400 anytime minutes 3000 anytime minutes
Inclusive texts Unlimited anytime texts Unlimited Texts
Inclusive mobile internet browsing 0 0
Addtional benefits 500 MB anytime browsing
Orange Care insurance £5.00 per month £5.00 per month
Itemised billing £1.50 per month included free
your average monthly spend £41.79 £89.93
obey the penguin

Coherent Rage

Jesus Fucking Christ the newspapers are annoying me today.

Two people died yesterday. They were on a cocktail of mephedrone, alcohol and methadone. Some of their friends were also checked out in the hospital, but were fine.

Now, an awful lot of people are taking mephedrone without it causing them any serious damage*, but these two friends die at the same time. What's the difference here?

Were they (a)taking ridiculously large amounts? (b)eating a bad batch of it or (c) could it be that mixing methadone and alcohol is a really fucking bad idea that's known to cause respitatory failure?

And the answer is - we don't know yet! The toxicology results are going to take days (or weeks) to come back - so the actual cause of death is currently _unknown_.

What do the newspaper jump on? "Two killed by Mephedrone!"

Which makes me, frankly, want to find the people that wrote half the articles I read today and smack them around the head repeatedly with a baseball bat.

*Obviously, insofar as we can tell - the jury is out on long-term effects
overwhelming firepower


Unpacking some of Julie's boxes we just came across a GeForce 6200AGP with 256MB, and two 512MB RAM sticks (PC3200 184 pin DIMMS).

If nobody has a use for them then they're going to be binned.

Any takers?