March 16th, 2010

my brain

Oh for goodness sake

Woke up at 5am from dreams where vampires were chasing me. Well, one vampire. A little girl. But anyway - nightmares at 5am. Never made it back to sleep. Gave up at 6:30 and just got the hell up. Now waiting for 8am so I can bring Julie tea in bed.


Work's keeping me working hard, but it's not _stressful_, just ongoing. Stuff with Julie is great. Can't work out why I'd be waking up with a racing heart that refused to calm down.

I keep feeling like _something_ is up. My mind is refusing to calm down, and I'm generally feeling overstretched, despite cutting down my socialising and taking a lot more "me" time. I've been in a bit of a slump since the flat went to hell, and the unhappiness that went with that has never really gone away. I'm planning on taking some time off once the current project has gone live (late April), maybe that will help.

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