March 13th, 2010

Monkey in charge

Weekend Madness!

Dashed home from work yesterday, ate KFC while watching a whole ten minutes of How I Met Your Mother, then we both packed before leaping airport-wards, where we were ushered onto a flight to Gatwick, were picked up by Mike and eventually ended up at his flat in Aldershot, where we nigh-instantly fell asleep.

Today has been spent slowly waking up, eating eggs, bacon and fried bread, and going shopping in Guildford for "stuff" for his 35th birthday. Not all of the shopping was alcohol, but he didn't spend £200 on crisps, if you see what I mean.

People will be arriving any minute now, and I'm looking forward to meeting the people he's been telling tall tales about for years. Should be fun.

Tomorrow we have to fly Scot-wards at 2:00. So I don't get the staggering lie in I'd have liked. Next time I do this I'm flying back on the Monday...