March 8th, 2010



Got up around 9am, leaving Julie snoozing until 11:30.

Discovered that they've released an extra 4 levels for Defense Grid. Which, if you haven't played the free demo, you really, really should. Completed the first level twice, the first time to get the hang of it, the second time to try out a couple of ideas for how to do it more efficiently. More of this tomorrow, I think.

Got dressed. Which wasn't bad for 3pm.

Watched The Princess And The Frog, which was ok, but not great. Some nice ideas, but the songs weren't memorable and the plot needed tightening up.

Ate nice Indian food in a restaurant we hadn't been to before (A Passage To India). Julie was particularly appreciative of the mango chutney, and the rice was fantastic. I'm not usually enthusiastic about rice, but they managed to make it actually tasty in its own right.

Finally finished Series two of Skins. It was fantastic, some of the best TV writing I've seen in a long time. Going to try series three, but we've got some other stuff to fit in first. Having discovered that the writer also did the adaptation of Ian Banks' The Crow Road I bought the DVD - I saw the first two episodes back when it originally aired, but I remember nothing about it, except that I really liked it.

Wished the wrong Rebecca happy birthday. Hopefully followed by wishing the right Rebecca happy birthday. If we could just assign people unique numbers at birth then this kind of mistake could be easily avoided.

Went to bed.

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