February 25th, 2010



Is a day off. Our broadband has been _shit_ recently - dropping down to 30kb/s in the evenings. So I called up Virgin, got a new modem, and now an engineer coming out to take a look, somewhere between 12 and 4. If it was between 1 and 4 it'd be worth me working a half day, as it is, I have to take the whole day off. Yay.

So I was looking forward to a nice lie in, except that Julie has a mini conference today, at Heriott Watt. So she had to be on a bus at 8, so we were up at 6:45. Which is about 2 hours earlier than usual. Yay.

Oh, and then, on the way home, I got a Twitter message in my email, opened the link in it, and stupidly entered my user name and password. Of course, it wasn't a link to Twitter at all, but I couldn't tell that, due to the link shortener. So the first thing I did when I got home was to change my Twitter password. Yay.

Now to tidy up the living room so that the engineer can reach the cable socket...

Delicious LiveJournal Links for 2-25-2010


I tried to tell her about Marx and Engels, God and Angels; I don't really know what for.

They say you never forget your first.

That's certainly true for me. It was Gun N' Roses masterpiece "Appetite for Destruction" which I discovered, some years later, I could sing along to every word of. I'd love to know how the brain stores all of that information. It's not something I can access at will - I can clearly remember the next 3-4 seconds of song at any one point, but if I want the four seconds after that I have to actually sing my way there.

The reason this springs to mind now is that I just discovered, while doing the washing up, that I can do the same for The Sisters Of Mercy's "Vision Thing".

I wonder how many other albums are taking up brainspace.

The Day

Morning spent tidying stuff up in anticipation of the engineer, who has of course not arrived as yet.

The afternoon has been spent faffing with javascript. Julie was tempted by the idea of randomized links, so I had a quick play, and have ended up with something workable.

So far I've only encountered two annoying things - lack of autocomplete meant I spent twenty minutes trying to work out what I was doing wrong before discovering that getElementByID should be getElementById, and I also discovered that editing the value of a textarea in a loop is a bad idea - putting together the string separately and then updating the textarea at the end is vastly faster.

I doubt I'll need javascript skills very often, but it's been fun to have a play around with it.