January 27th, 2010


Delicious LiveJournal Links for 1-27-2010


Geeky conversations

I just added this link to delicious for tomorrow's link post.  It's about geek conversational behaviours, and is quite interesting.  It follows up nicely from this post from 10 years ago about the conversational behaviour of sf-fans.

What I found vastly more interesting was the conversation that followed on from it on Hacker News - 134 comments so far, varying from "Normal people suck, the way I speak is more technically correct, and therefore better!" to "Wow, how did you get inside my head?" via all sorts of interesting examples of problems people have had communicating with colleagues, friends and partners.  It's very much worth spending 5 minutes reading down it.

Anyone out there know much about CVS?

My current project has a CVS repository, and once a day it's my job to go through all of the changes and make sure nobody has done anything unusually dumb.

At the moment we generate a report with all of the changes, along with file names, committer, comment, etc.  But then I have to go through each file by hand to see what the changes were, which is dull and frustrating.

Is there anything out there that would allow me to do it all in one place?

Current tooling - Visual Studio 2005.  I have Eclipse as well though.

Comments along the lines of "CVS suxors!" are not helpful.  Corporate Standards are slow to change, and this one will at some point.  Meanwhile I have a job to do...