January 21st, 2010


Oh for fuck's sake

Dear Lib Dems, I am generally in favour of you, as the least objectionable party. However, when you pull ridiculous shit like this you make it very hard to like you.

If you want to protect a British company from being bought by a foreign country (which is a pretty stupid thing to want in the first place - if the British people thought it was worth more than that then they'd be buying the shares themselves rather than selling it off. They clearly think it's smarter to sell it off and invest the money elsewhere) - then the way to do it is through _law_, not preventing one of the many, many banks in the country from getting involved.

You're just attempting to point-score, which is childish, immature, and frankly beneath you.

Stop it.

Flat update

Boiler is in, works fantastically, and we're delighting in having instant hot water rather than having to wait 90 seconds for it to stabilise.  Also in having a thermometer in the middle of the flat to keep the whole place at a stable temperature, rather than using thermostatic valves is great.  Although it's been coming on too high too soon recently, leaving us waking up boiling in our bed.

The last internal stuff happens on Monday/Tuesday - new flooring in three rooms, which should help dramatically with Julie's asthma, make the study livable (as the carpet is still the same one that was in there when it was full of dry/wet rot) and stop the hallway being so wobbly.  We'll have to juggle things around, as all of the rooms currently have stuff in them, but it's happening over two days, so that should be feasible.  poisonduk and princealbert are helping pick up 36 square metres of flooring tomorrow, for which we're very grateful.

And then the week after we're getting the outside of the flat scraped down and repainted by the insurance company's builders.  The water from the leak apparently forced its way through the sandstone wall, turning the front few millimeters into, well, sand.  So that's being sorted out and then painted to look nice again.  Thank fuck for insurance.

I have no idea what I'm going to stress about when this is all over.  Maybe I'll even start sleeping well again!

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