December 26th, 2009

how awesome I am

Thank Goodness For ReadItLater (

I currently have about 20 links to reviews of Avatar and Dr Who saved for perusal once I've seen them both. I've got into the habit of that lately - missing the conversations as they happen, but saving them so that I can feel better informed about things I might have missed and subtleties I might have overlooked.

I'll hopefully get caught up with Dr Who tomorrow, otherwise I'll be catching it on download when I get back to Scotland. Not sure about Avatar - Hugh fancies going to the cinema for his birthday tomorrow, and I've also got an appointment with Ed and Erin, so I'll definitely be seeing it at least once in the next week, and possibly twice. Or we might see Sherlock Holmes tomorrow, in which case I'll get my dose of topless Robert Downey Junior instead. It's Win-Win really.

Uther keeps rearranging himself on the other side of the bed. I've managed to actually claim half of it this time, but he's moved from having his head on the spare pillow to resting it on my legs, to briefly having it on the laptop keyboard (not a success for either of us) and is now curled up in a circle next to my knees/feet.

I should have been asleep a good hour ago, but I finally got a chance to catch up with Julie online. I was awoken at 6:45 by a small child shouting "Knock Knock!". I would have complained more, but he wasn't even shouting it at my door - Hugh had been woken by him and taken him to the living room, to let Meredith sleep. When he had to use the toilet Noah decided to stand outside and demand entry. I'm pretty amused by this, and I'd probably be moreso if I was more awake :->

And that's enough rambling for tonight. Five more minutes of chat with Julie, I think, and then a couple of pages of Logicomix (a present) and then sleep. I hope you had a lovely Christmas, wherever you are.
how big?

A good way to wake up

I'm not referring to the large, wet dog tongue that was thrust under the duvet in search of my nose.

I'm talking about the deer that I saw out the window on the way back from the bathroom.

My parents keep a set of binoculars by the upstairs bay window that points towards the nearby woods, and having spotted some small blobs I snatched them up and managed to focus in on about 8 deer (all female, so far as I could tell) grazing on the edge of the woods.

I'd been hoping I'd see them, and I'm glad they wandered into view before I head back to Scotland tomorrow.
HP Spoilers

This small Sargasso Sea

While I normally find small ornaments terribly kitsch, I'm somewhat fond of these small model boats my father has. And even more fond of the way they're arranged within a spreading plant to give the effect, from a distance, of sailing a rather wild anime sea.