December 19th, 2009


Five hours of sleep later.

Soulwaxmas was fantastic. I'm not sure who was playing when we got there at 9-ish, but Soulwax themselves came on at 11 for a great set. Not that I actually know much of their music except through Julie playing it (it's her default stats music), but they were clearly having a great time, and so were we. There was then a DJ set by Tiga, which didn't grab me much - it was just decent quality generic dance. And then we got 2 many DJs - which is basically the name Soulwax use when DJing. I was expecting the usual bunch of dance music interestingly mixed, what I hadn't expected was an hour long journey through a vast variety of music (from Roxy Music to Nirvana via The Prodigy and Max Romeo, with The Theme From Fame thrown in) with a fantastic video backdrop which brough to life the covers of the singles/albums the tracks came from, animated them, and mixed them together. I don't know who their animator was, but they did a great job. It was just a great experience, and a lot of fun to dance to.

This brought us to about 2am, at which point we decided that the better part of valour was leaving before a few thousand other people decided to do likewise. We grabbed coats from the cloakroom and headed out into Braehead to see what our options were. Thankfully, buses had been arranged (or had just decided that this was a good opportunity) and so we got back into town for £4 each, and then walked the half hour back to the hotel through the freezing night. Chilly, but we were enjoying the conversation so much we hardly noticed :->

Woken at 9am by people checking out, so we staggered downstairs for breakfast (you don't turn down free breakfast) and now Julie's gone back to sleep for a few hours, while I surf the internet and possibly play a game or two. The only annoying thing about this hotel (The Menzies) is that it doesn't have free WiFi - it's all OpenZone. This would cost £10 per day to get WiFi, or I'd have to log in/out of OpenZone in order to conserve my 90 minutes. Neither really appeals to me - both prices seem like a rip off aimed at business users. And who charges by the minute rather than the MB? All I want is email... And frankly I expect decent hotels to have free Wifi anyway - it should be standard by now. Thankfully I have Joikuspot on my phone - it turns it into a Wifi hotspot. Which means I'm using up my 250MB allowance for a change :->

Not sure what we'll be up to later. But my Christmas break has certainly started well. Now if only I could get some more sleep...