December 8th, 2009


I had that Saddam Hussein in the back of my cab once...

The claim that Saddam could launch weapons of mass destruction in 45-minutes arose as British intelligence were "squeezing" agents in Iraq for information, under pressure from Downing Street to back up its case that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction.

"The provenance of this information was never questioned in detail until after the Iraq invasion, when it became apparent that something was wrong," he said.

"In the end it turned out that the information was not credible, it had originated from an emigre taxi driver on the Iraqi-Jordanian border, who had remembered an overheard conversation in the back of his cab a full two years earlier."

(Edit - forgot to thank peteyoung for the link)
Back slowly away

It's the little things

This is barely a game. There's no way, so far as I could tell, to lose at it. It's basically an exploration piece.

The graphics are brutally basic, but when you pull back they have a minimalist beauty about them. The music sucks you in. And the different environments and the way you explore them is very nicely pulled together. It has, at its heart, a sense of wonder.

It's 20 minutes I'm glad I spent, which is more than I can say for a lot of things.
Batman goes back to the closet

Chrome And Thunderbird

Latest Chrome is out - and it supports extensions.

A quick looks tells me than in the next few weeks it'll do pretty much everything I want it to, except for work with tabs the way I want. It doesn't have anything like Tab Mix Plus, which I find utterly invaluable.

I shall keep my fingers crossed, because frankly it does seem faster than Firefox.

Latest version of Thunderbird (v3) is out too. That seems pretty nice the new tabbed interface works well.