November 16th, 2009



So, Hacker News had a poll about how many users were of which personality type:
Clearly, I'm hanging out in the right place:
  INTP - 207
  INTJ - 188
  ENTP - 76
  ENTJ - 57
  INFP - 41
  ENFP - 30
  INFJ - 27
  ENFJ - 16
  ISTP - 12
  ESTJ - 11
  ISTJ - 11
  ESTP - 4
  ESFJ - 3
  ESFP - 2
  ISFJ - 2
  ISFP - 2

Now this is interesting

The Religious Discrimination act also covers more general philosophical beliefs.

It's now being used to defend a young lady who was turned down for a position in social work because of her "sexual lifestyle" and a person who was turned down for a position as a magistrate when it turned out he was interested in BDSM.

Looks like the churches might have opened the floodgates here...


Delicious LiveJournal Links for 11-16-2009


You call that journalism?

"As far as I personally was concerned, there came a point with the presentation of the so-called evidence, with the moment when Colin Powell sat down at the UN General Assembly and unveiled what he said was cast-iron evidence of things like mobile, biological weapon facilities and the like...

"When I saw all of that, I thought, well, 'We know that Colin Powell is an intelligent, thoughtful man, and a sceptical man. If he believes all this to be the case, then, you know, he's seen the evidence; I haven't.’

"Now that evidence turned out to be absolutely meaningless, but we only discover that after the event. So, you know, I’m perfectly open to the accusation that we were hoodwinked. Yes, clearly we were."

That's Jeremy Paxman, who is generally considered to be one of the tougher people at the BBC.

From this, which is well worth reading