October 29th, 2009


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About 9 months ago Meredith got given an internet radio for her birthday.  This would then alllow her to listen to WOXY, her favourite internet radio station, while she was in the kitchen.

However, the kitchen is at the opposite end of the flat from the study, and with the WiFi signal fading to nothing just short of there.  So I bought her a wireless repeater.  Which turned out to be a right pain, because actually connecting it to a networkthat had security set up on it took a lot of swearing and googling.  But I got there eventually.  Only to find that it, too, had signal issues from the only place that it could be reasonably sited (due to power sockets).  It would lose signal intermittently, and need to be reset to pick it up again.

And so today I went round to Hugh's with two powerline boxes and plugged one in at either end of the flat.  Which instantly produced 75Mbits of bandwidth with no problems whatsoever.  Turning the wireless repeater into an access point was a doddle, and now he has decent, reliable, signal at both ends of the flat.

I also demonstrated the wireless music streamer I picked up recently for £45, running against TVersity on my laptop.  It works perfectly at streaming music from my laptop and also streams music from internet radio stations (like the aforementioned WOXY or the BBC).  Its main failing is that it needs external speakers or headphones, as it doesn't have any built in.  But that's fine for me - Julie and I are going to set it up in the kitchen and plug in a pair of half decent speakers.  Now I just need a NAS box that has UPNP built in...

Offensively Funny

I laugh at things that also offend me


Inspired by reading this article about Microsoft deciding not to sponsor a Family Guy special after they discovered that *gasp* it had offensive content.