October 13th, 2009


Delicious LiveJournal Links for 10-13-2009


Freedom of the Press

You may have noticed that The Guardian was prevented from reporting from The Houses of Parliament today.  It was also prevented from reporting what it was prevented from reporting, and who had prevented it from doing so.

If you're offended by this particularly ridiculous breach of human rights then feel free to pop over to the handy petition on the 10 Downing Street website and add your name to the bottom...

I seem to have unleashed a beast

1) Post about Treknobabble
2) Charlie Stross is triggered by it
3) And writes a fantastic screed on the failings of Star Trek
4) ???
5) Profit!

Personally I'm quite happy to watch Star Trek as morality tale/fantasy stories - it's _not_ the same as the written SF I like, (which tends to have actual science in it and doesn't pander to the audience so much), but I can still enjoy it in its own right.  But I can understand why some people are downright enraged by it.  Let's face it, I wouldn't want to _read_ Independence Day or Star Wars (not since I was a kid), but I'll happily enjoy the eye candy.