October 4th, 2009

my brain

Gratuituous Icon Post

While tidying I found a CD with the brain scan pics I had taken last year.  Julie took a whole bunch of frames and put together an animation - and then shrunk it down to produce this icon.
She also made a large version - which looks _amazing_ - but is 12MB in size, so it's under a cut to spare those of you who are on dial-up :->

Seriously - the jerky version in the GIF isn't nearly as impressive as the version under the cut.  Click!  Click I tells ya!
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overwhelming firepower


I now seem to be using Twitter fairly regularly.  I'm mostly writing in FB, and then feeding that (and links) through to Twitter, but I'm reading all the people I have friended over there, which has led to some interesting stuff popping up.

If you're over there and haven't added me, feel free.  If you do so, and either I don't know you, or your username there isn't the same as your LJ name then send me a private message to let me know who you are - I'm trying to avoid drowning in too much information so I'm not adding people back unless I have some kind of context for them.