September 28th, 2009


I'm glad I don't have to date any more

And I even got out my adorable new netbook!

Starting relationships _sucks_.  I  love being in them - but that feeling at the start where you're wondering what they think of you, and wondering if they like you as much as you like them, and thinking about what you might say to them when you next see them, and what they might say to you?  That's all stress.

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how big?


The weekend was nice.  Didn't do very much on Friday night, but Saturday involved dying Julie's hair and running out of dye 3/4 of the way through, simultaneously remembering that I hadn't posted my father's birthday card, leaping onto a bus, making it to the post office with five minutes to spare, buying a card and a stamp, posting it and _then_ discovering that the last pickup had happened five hours earlier.

So I bought some more hair dye and headed home, and then we headed off to see an art show being put on by a friend of hers.  You can see the art here - you can't tell from most ofthe scans, but a lot of it was done on unusual materials - painted onto blinds, or large bits of board, which gave it an interesting feel.  I'd have happily bought some if only I had somewhere to put it.

Then we headed on to a flat-warming for person she met through the Postgrad society, where we had moustaches drawn on us and discussed the evils of noisy neighbours.  And then staggered home to bed.

Sunday was spent putting together a clothes rail for the bedroom - we've pretty much decided that the "temporary" bedroom at the back of the flat, in what was going to be the study, is actually the quietest room in the flat.  So Scott's old room is going to be a dressing room/study (i.e. it'll have the wardrobes, chest of drawers and computer desks in it) and the bedroom will stay where it is.  But having _some_ clothes in there is a good idea, so I picked up a clothes rail from Argos and now we have enough clothes for 4/5 days available without prowling the flat naked.

Today was a less fruitful day - I managed to get some stuff sorted out on our continuous build server, but I seemed to be having concentration problems.  Thankfully I have tomorrow off work so that the last of the bathroom bits can be delivered, so I might get to sleep in.  And shortly I'll have a shiny new bathroom.

Now, if only my insurance company would decide what it's going to do about my damp I'd be happy...