September 23rd, 2009


Where Max ended up.

One of the most famous children's books in America is Maurice Sendak's WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE. The story, in short, is about a very bad little boy named Max who is sent to bed without dinner one night because he's been so naughty. But as soon as he gets to his room, The Wild Things-- wonderful monsters of all shapes and sizes-- appear and they all play happily together till morning. Max is delighted and has no fear of them. He's a brave little guy. Sendak has said readers often ask what he thinks happened to Max when he grew up. One night years ago the author was at a dinner party in New York. Seated next to him was the actress Sigourney Weaver. It turned out the glamorous Weaver was a big fan of his work and they chatted throughout the meal. Later she pointed to a man sitting across the table. She said he was her husband and one of the reasons why she fell in love with him was he reminded her so much of Max in WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE. Delighted, Sendak said he finally knew what happened to his famous character: Max grew up and married Sigourney Weaver.
And that’s what he tells anyone now when they ask what happened to the boy.

via nancylebov from Jonathan Carroll.

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The only cable you'll ever need?

This Register story talks about a webcam using USB3 to stream 1080p HDTV in real time.

I hadn't realised that the bandwidth was quite that high - but looking at the specs, USB3 can manage 4.8Gbit - which is high enough to carry 1080p video without a problem (uncompressed RGB being 2.5Gbit) even with transimission overhead.

There doesn't seem to be a device class for video players (There's a video class for video producers (webcams and the like), but there's no reason why one couldn't be produced.

I suspect that there would be "security" implications over using it for things currently encrypted over HDMI - but I don't know enough about the details.  In any case there doesn't seem to be a technical reason why your graphics output couldn't just be another USB socket...