September 14th, 2009


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Flat update

I had the plumber round last week to look at my radiators and solve my damp problem.  He told me that there wasn't anything wrong with the radiator, and that the problem was coming from somewhere else - but he didn't know where.

So I got in touch with my insurers who then put me through to their assessment company, who are sending me an expert to find out what the source of the problem is tomorrow.  If they will pay for it then that's me vastly happier.  Fingers crossed all round.

In the meantime, Julie and I spent Saturday going out to Seafield to look at tiles, then off to B&Q to look at showers, then to Ikea to look at sofa beds.  We found some amazing tiles - including some that were made of thing slices of slate, complete with embedded fossil plant shadows - but these wouldn't suit the bathroom at all, so we're going for cheap matt white ones.  And while we found a sofa bed we like, it's not going to work for the moment. 

We're currently sleeping in the study (where the sofa-bed will be) because the damp in the bedroom plays hell with Julie's asthma - and while the sofa bed will be fine for sleeping on for one person, or for a couple of nights, it's slimmer than the king-size mattress we're currently sleeping on, and we'd end up having to touch each other at night - a fate worse than death.  Still, once the damp is sorted we'll be able to get that sorted.

A victory of sorts has occurred with the bathroom - when we went to B&Q for a quote they said any bathroom would cost at least £4,500.  We now seem to have everything budgeted in/ordered for about £2,400.  And without actually cutting any corners!

Other than that the weekend was quite quiet - good time at bracknellexile's flatwarming, where I engaged in chat with pretty much everyone, and only took a dislike to one person :-> Sunday was spent nursing a pair of hangovers (Julie's was worse than mine), doing some tidying, watching the first season of Secret Diary of a Call Girl and then playing a bit of Peggle (belated birthday present from bracknellexile - I got him Braid, which Steam had on special offer over the weekend).

Tonight is the BSG board game, which I'm rather looking forward to. And then tomorrow I'm off work, helping Julie recruit first years for Mad! Science! experiments on their tasty, tasty brains.