September 12th, 2009

STFU says the doctor

Sleep is for the week....end

I had spent half the week feeling stressed because of both work and flat repair stuff, and so had been sleeping badly - not getting to sleep until 1am, waking up by 7.

However, both these stresses started to lift yesterday, with the UI automation code finally reaching a decent speed, and my insurance company agreeing to send someone to inspect the situation.  Which meant that I spent yesterday evening feeling very odd - the reasons for stress had vanished, but my body's stress levels hadn't quite caught up.

Until about 9pm last night, when suddenly I was yawning like a motherfucker* - but hadn't quite caught on how tired I was.  We'd just finished watching Encounter at Farpoint** and I was suggesting fifteen minutes of washing up followed by some Neverwinter Nights*** when she said "No, how about we go to bed?"  I quibbled that it was only 8:50, and she wisely rebutted "So what?", so we collapsed into our makshift bed****.  I assumed I'd take ages to fall asleep, but we chatted for twenty minutes and thn both conked out.

And today, forced to wake up at 9am for the tiler***** I'm on 11 hour's sleep rather than my normal 6 and feeling staggeringly happier about life.

Apologies to accordingly for missing her leaving do last night - I had intended to make it, but I was feeling pretty grotty/down - and I think the evening in/lots of sleep was vitally necessary for survival!

* Julie (reading over my shoulder) "Do they yawn a lot?" Me: "Yes.  Mostly after sex.  They're all 'Yaaaawn.  Can I have a hug mum?"
**new TV series we're watching - TNG, from the beginning!
*** which we're playing through on two-player - dwarven fighters with great cleave For The Win!
**** we're sleeping in the study, because the bedroom has damp in it and Julie's asthma isn't happy about that.
***** coming round to give me a quote on retiling the bathroom as part of its complete refit.

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