September 7th, 2009


Well that makes it a tad unusable.

I've been looking forward to mobile Spotify for a while - it's something I'd pay the premium subscription costs to use.  I have an S60 phone, and it's in the pipeline for that, but it's one thing that had made me envy iPhone users.

Until an early user pointed out to me that you can't have background apps on the iPhone, which means that whenever you read your email you lose your music player.


Delicious LiveJournal Links for 9-7-2009

how awesome I am

Can you multitask?  Really?

Mini game here to test your mad skillz.

I'm at home this afternoon, waiting for someone to give me a second quote for my damp problem.  I'm hoping that it's less than the first quote - which was just shy of £5000...
HP Spoilers

Plumbing update

"That's not rising damp," said the damp specialist. "That's a leaking radiator pipe."
Which makes me:
Hopeful - because it should be significantly less expensive to get a pipe replaced.
Annoyed - because the previous people told me I needed lots of water-proofing done - for £4000+VAT.  So glad I got a second opinion.
Worried - because I queried dropping pressure with the boiler repair guy a year ago, and was told that it wasn't anything important and I could ignore it.  And now, possibly, I'm going to have rotten wood under there...