August 31st, 2009

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Age - a question for my all-knowing friends-list

Ed was asking on Facebook what it would be like if we didn't age visibly so much - after all, other animals don't tend to.

Is this actually true?  Thinking about it, most other animals don't seem to get wrinkled in the same way, nor does their fur turn completely white or all fall out.  But is this just some animals?  Do other animals age visibly the same way we do?  Or is there something odd about people?

Delicious LiveJournal Links for 8-31-2009

fish bicycle

Damn, that's impressive.

Nick sent me a link to an MS Paint challenge on Something Awful here - you're given a stick man on one side of a cliff, and you have to "draw him across".

And some of them are pretty funny, and quite well done.

And then, here on page 18, there's a fucking masterpiece, where you can literally watch someone improve over the course of a few panels.

The internet - full of stuff you don't expect.