July 6th, 2009


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Overweight people

don't realise they are overweight. They should be informed as soon as possible!
already know they are overweight. There's no reason to bring something like that up unless they do first.

The best way to encourage someone

is to tell them to buck up, get on with it, and stop being so damn whiny!
is to listen to them, encourage them gently, and praise them for even minor achievements

Word Fight!


I don't agree with everything Hitler stood for but...


Questions from marrog

1. You have been given a grand with which to buy frivolous things, but can't allowed to spend it on either gadgetry or travel. What do you buy?

Aieeee! Right now, I'd be using it to sort out the kitchen. I mean, outside of "stuff" and "travel", what is there? Oooh - I know! I could do one of those "learn to drive in a fortnight" classes. Because learning to drive has been on my to-do list for ages, and as I'm not in a position to have someone sit next to me while I drive about doing it intensively makes sense. On the other hand, I'd then find myself in a situation where I knew how to drive and never did, which would make me intensely dangerous when I had a chance to get behind the wheel. Frankly you'd all be safer if I did spend it on gadgets.

Failing all of that, I'd use it to buy a week off work so I could get some more sleep. Or possibly a cookery course.

Damn it. I seem to be awful at spending money that's not on gadgets or travel.

2. If you went back to university to do a postgrad right now, what would you do?
Well, for a start, the chances of me getting to do a postgrad without an honours degree is pretty much zero. So let's assume I was going to do a degree. Or someone thought I was so great that I'd get to do a postgrad without a decent degree. Ok, let's simplify this - if I was to go back, do a degree in double-quick time, and then do a postgrad, then what would I do?
And, to be honest, the idea fills me with a kind of dread. Having looked at what Julie is going through, and thinking about what I actually enjoy, I'd much rather have an intensive year working on projects of my own than I would spending it studying.
If I was forced at gunpoint then I'd find something that combined computing and design of some kind - how computers affect people, rather than a straight computing course or anything else.

3. You have to move to a city that isn't Edinburgh. Where do you go?
Vancouver. I hear the weather is nice, the people are lovely, and they speak English. How many other places in the world can you say that about?
Failing that, I'd go for New York, as it's somewhere I think would be interesting to live in for a year or two.
Failing that Honolulu. If someone can find me a coding job with a five minute walk to the beach then that'd be great.

4. What single 'luxury item' do you take into the Big Brother House with you? Remember that you can't take paper/pens/computers and you have to be able to carry it.
Leaving aside such silly answers as "an AK47" or "an isolation tank", then I'm fairly stumped. Frankly the idea of spending that much time unable to distract or remove myself fills me with dread. Oooh, can I have a drum kit? I'd take a guitar, but without a book to teach me how to play it'd be fuck all use. A drum kit, on the other hand, sounds like something I could figure out as I went along. Tricky to carry, but I'm sure I could tie it together and carry it _somehow_. Failing my ability to carry a drum kit then some other musical instrument would do - anything I could work out how to play from scratch.

5. You lose two limbs in a horrific accident. Given the choice, would you lose both arms, both legs, or one of each, and why? (Right up to the shoulder/hip, and no, you don't get enough of a stump to fit a prosthetic.)
Both legs.
I'm fucked if I lose my ability to type, so I'm not losing both arms, and I can't see how having a single leg is any use to me, if I can't even wear a prosthetic. Losing both legs, therefore, seems almost _better_ than losing a single leg, as I'll be able to sit more evenly in a wheelchair. And I'll have both arms left, which means I can still play Guitar Hero!

Right, first five people to ask get five questions.
ETA: That's seven people now. Stopping!