June 24th, 2009


Quiet....too quiet.

Livejournal is pretty damn quiet at the moment because

It's not actually quieter
people have migrated to Facebook
people have migrated to Dreamwidth
it's summer, so everyone is outside.
they all developed jobs that keep them too busy to update
they all developed lives that keep them too busy
they all ran out of things to say

Things that piss me off #93741: appalling commenting functionality

I'm sorry, but if you run a blog, forum, discussion site, or whatever, and you have comments, and the commenting system does not _at a minimum_ allow for threaded comments and the ability to receive comments letting me know when someone has replied to me then your system is made of massive, epic fail.

Because I do not have the time, attention span or wish to bookmark your comments page and come back to it repeatedly, just to see if someone has replied to a comment I made.  And I do not wish to go trawling through every comment that occurs under your post to see if someone has said "@37 I have important information which could change your mind."

And so I need to see threads, so that I can tell which comments are replies to which other comments, and thus are part of a coherent conversations.

And I need to be emailed if someone replies to my comment, so that a fruitful conversation can take place.

I do not see why either of these pieces of functionality are in any way surprising or outlandish. 

I really can't see how you can expect to have useful comments without them.

And if you didn't want that, why do you have comments at all?

Delicious LiveJournal Links for 6-24-2009


Choices, choices.

If I could choose to fly a low-security airline that didn't do bag checks, x-rays etc. and charged 10% less

I would. After all those checks don't actually add security.
I would not. Those checks provide security.

(Assuming that this was legal, airports allowed it, etc. and it cut half an hour of queuing off of your time)