June 14th, 2009

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Drag Me To Hell

Just back from this.

Proper, old fashioned, horror movie.

Spent most of it either curled up in my (gold class and thus large) seat, hands clamped around Julie's arm, hand, knee, leg or anything else that was nearby.  I don't think I actually broke anything though.

Fantastic use of surround sound, cool special effects, and obviously from the director of The Evil Dead movies.

Recommended - with the reservation that I think it would like to be a morality tale, but (IMHO) doesn't manage to pull that bit off.
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Online photo storage - any suggestions?

Anyone got a good suggestion for online photo storage?

While I think of it - what's a good offline solution that includes tags and galleries?

I'm looking for something for my Dad that will work as a decent end-to-end solution.  So far nothing is looking great...