June 11th, 2009


Oh for fuck's sake

My gas meter needs to be replaced.

I was phoned by a representative last week, and I arranged a visit for today to get it installed.  I was promised an early appointment, and that it should be done by 9:30.

So I'm sitting here, ready for work, waiting for the person to show up and replace it, and I hit 10:00.  And still no sign.

So I phone up and I'm told that my appointment is for between 8am and 1pm, and that nobody has been assigned to me yet.

And...I was expecting to pick up food on the way into work, so I have nothing to eat in the house.

Not happy.
Join Darth

Clearly they needed the cash

Patrick Stewart.
Robery Carlyle
Jason Isaacs
Natasha McElhone

Oh, yes, that'll be the new Castlevania game.

Things have come a long way since the NES:


Trailer here, along with the other nine best from E3: Final Fantasy 14, Left 4 Dead 2, Mario Galaxy 2, Uncharted 2, Project Natal, Metroid: Other M, Star Wars: Old Republic, The Last Guardian, Beatles Rock Band.

Of those the ones that looked fantastic were Uncharted 2, Metroid, and The Last Guardian.  I've never even played Ico or Shadow of the Collosus, but I've been meaning to for years, if only I had a console that played them, and The Last Guardian looks to capture some of that same sense of awe and beauty that they did.

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Not happy

Just phoned the Gas people again, to discover what was going on with my 8-1 appointment.

And discovered that it was originally made for _tomorrow_ 8-1.

And that when I phoned the first time she noticed this after I rang off, and told someone at Scottish Power, so they could contact me.  Only they completely failed to do so.

So, off to work now, after an annoying morning waiting in.

And tomorrow will, once again, be spent waiting for the gas man.
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The annoying thing...

Is that part of rememberes getting off the phone and immediately writing down that I'd booked the gasman in for Thursday, and is totally sure I got the day right.

And the other part knows that sometimes I forget things instantly.

I'm terrified to complain in case I was wrong, but if I could find out without looking like a complete idiot then I would...

Strange events in the middle of the night

Last night we were awoken by my laptop suddenly turning itself on.  I had placed it by the side of the bed in standby before we went to sleep, and was a bit disturbed to see it turn on.  So I just opened the case and closed it again, causing it to go back into standby.

This morning I was somewhat surprised to see a "Windows rebooted itself to install updates" message waiting for me when I turned it on.

Would Windows actually wake up from standby to install updates, and reboot itself?  You'd think that it would at least wait for the next time I brought it out of standby before installing the updates...