May 20th, 2009


One of _those_ posts

One thing I'm intermittently paranoid about is the idea that my friends aren't telling me things. Several times now I've discovered after the fact that my friends all thought I was doing something stupid _and weren't telling me_ - which meant that (a) I didn't know and (b) I couldn't talk to them about whether it even was stupid.

I crave honest feedback and communication - it helps me to improve as a person, and it can highlight things I either miss or don't consider important. Having other people's views on things is very helpful to me.

So, I'm temporarily turning on the ability to leave anonymous comments, so that people who aren't comfortable telling me things can leave feedback, and throwing this one open - is there anything you think I should know? If so, now's the time to tell me...

Delicious LiveJournal Links for 5-20-2009


As the fourth person in a week has done it...

I loathe and despise being referred to by solely my last name.  It gives me flashbacks to being in school.

Please use my first name (Andy or Andrew), and if there's the possibility of confusion with other Andrews then stick my surname on the end - just don't refer to me by surname.