May 16th, 2009


Delicious LiveJournal Links for 5-16-2009

  • 280 tv shows in one head. If you want to know how/why then scroll down to the jpeg and then down to Tommy's Mind and look at the PDF. Oh, the geekery
  • She found that the ability to delay gratificationâ”eighth graders were given a choice between a dollar right away or two dollars the following weekâ”was a far better predictor of academic performance than I.Q.
  • Possibly the laziest way to get new socks. I'm almost tempted.
  • In one lab study of Diana monkeys, for instance, the animals had to put tokens into a slot to receive their food. When an elderly female couldn't manage hers, a neighbouring male inserted the tokens for her. In a different kind of experiment, rats refused to push a lever for food when they realised their action meant another animal got an electric shock.
  • Moral: Never drive with the top down and a load of bank notes on the back seat.
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  • What they find is that, in states and countries where there is a big gap between the incomes of rich and poor, mental illness, drug and alcohol abuse, obesity and teenage pregnancy are more common, the homicide rate is higher, life expectancy is shorter, and childrenâ™s educational performance and literacy scores are worse. The Scandinavian countries and Japan consistently come at the positive end of this spectrum. They have the smallest differences between higher and lower incomes, and the best record of psycho-social health. The countries with the widest gulf between rich and poor, and the highest incidence of most health and social problems, are Britain, America and Portugal.