May 14th, 2009



Ok, so season one just finished. I haven't seen any of it yet - but I have heard that it got much better as it went along and that the final couple of episodes were very good.

So I'm wondering whether I should pick it up on DVD when it appears...


Never heard of it
Heard of it, but not seen it
Saw part of it - but didn't like it
Saw part of it - and liked it
Saw all of it
Haven't seen it yet, but plan on doing so

Posting spoilers will get you killed - general discussion of themes is fine though.

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Tech advice please

If I was buying a new NAS box (buncha hard drives attached to the network) then what would be the best one to go for?

_I do not want to build my own_.  I want a small box I can plug into the network and the power supply and have instantly running.

Ideally it should "sleep" when it's not being used so that it's not eating up too much power.  And it should support both windows file sharing (SMB).  UPNP is nice, but not required.

It's for home use - just something to dump some files onto. Basically, Julie's hard drive has become full, and having somewhere to put the files would be good. I was torn between picking up a USB2 external HD or getting a cheap NAS-box. External HDs are £75 for 1TB, and I was wondering what the price premium was for something that could be stuck under the router rather than having to be physically plugged in.

Facts and Figures

Interesting to note that more people have a mobile for personal use (95%) than a landline (78%).

40% of people use VOIP/Skype.

And mobile use is now the norm (66% -> 28%)

If the trend continues then landlines will exist in the UK only because BT insist you have a phoneline if you have ADSL.  And even then it looks very much like they'll only be "phone lines" up to the exchange - and it's all digital from that point onwards.