May 12th, 2009


Lack of innovation in mobile phone services

My mobile phone is vastly improved over the first one I ever had.  It can do things that make the original phone look like something out of an archeological dig.

So why is it that the services my phone company provide along with it are still so basic?

There's something I've wanted for _years_.  When I go to bed I want to tell them that.  And then, when someone calls for me they should be told "Andrew Ducker is asleep.  Press 1 to leave a message, or if it's urgent then press 2 to wake him."

If my answerphone services were provided by a third party, and there was serious competition in this arena, then I'm sure that I'd already have this as an option.  But because the services that are provided are all subservient to "you can have x minutes, y texts and z MB for n pounds per month" you don't see any innovation outside of the actual phones.


It has occurred to me on a few occasions that people think that because I post a link to something that I endorse it in some way.

I once lent a book to a friend (something by Robert Anton Wilson, I seem to recall) and apparently they came away thinking that I actually believed all of the theories in it.  As even the author stated that _they_ didn't believe all the theories in it, it would seem very odd if I did.

I read a lot of things, and I take from them what I find interesting or useful and ignore or discard that which I already know or disagree with.  If something has a particularly interesting idea in it then I'm likely to link to it, even if the other 90% of it is rubbish. 

I trust you lot to be able to read critically.  By all means tell me if you see something that I might not have noticed, or add commentary - I love getting comments on the links.  But please don't assume that I wholeheartedly endorse them.