April 24th, 2009



Bad Service
I set up a joint bank account with Julie a few weeks ago, and because we're at two different addresses (and hers is the primary address) it will let her add the account to her online banking, but not me.  Thanks a bunch HBOS!  (Apparently I can fix this by taking proof of address into a branch.  Bah - what's the point of online banking if you have to keep going into branches.  And I've had an account with them for 15 years!)

Good Service
My dentist phoned me up to remind me I had an appointment on Tuesday, and then allowed me to change it to Thursday on the fly.  Yay for CHC!

Delicious LiveJournal Links for 4-24-2009

sheldon, wikipedia

An exception to rule 34

I can't remember who else was there except for Julie and me, but we were discussing a fetish, and I think I've found something for which no online fetish pics exist!

If anyone else can find pictures of overweight ladies in SCUBA gear then I don't want to know.