April 17th, 2009

running with fire

Busy Busy

I'm sitting in the Edinburgh University social space at Poterrow, waiting for Julie to come back from an appointment, having taken the day off from work so that I could give her a hand organising PhD stuff.  My first time entirely "off" in over a week.  It feels rather nice :->

A quick roundup of where I've been all week:
Saturday: Australian Pink Floyd.
Simply _amazing_.  Note perfect, except for the occasonal Aussie reference.  It's the 30th anniversary of The Wall, so we got the entirety of the double album, complete with stage sets, costume changes and video backdrop.  Very, very impressive.  (You'll have to excuse the camera-phone-in-the-dark quality of the pics)

Oh, and I arrived back from that and went out dancing until 3am with meaningrequired.

Sunday: The Zoo
Which was a bit chilly, but we got to see chimpanzees, penguins. rhinos and a sleeping polar bear.

And then we came home and made Chicken Korma, which was a first for both of us.  Lovely, quick, and with much more control over the flavour than you get when you buy it from a restaurant.  We'll be doing that again.

Monday: Watched Clerks 2 with marrog and erindubitably.  Which had posibly the finest usage of bestiality interspecies erotica in a motion picture since, well, things I probably shouldn't talk about in a public place.

Tuesday: Gaming.  Fighting our way through the zombie-filled halls of the Underdark.

Wednesday: Waiting for Godot
With Professor X and Magneto Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen.  Plus Simon Callow.  I left baffled but happy.  It's a delightfully odd play, with lots of symbolism to read, ooh, pretty much anything into.

Thursday was the penultimate badminton session, and then pub with Meredith, cairmen and erindubitably, with accordingly guest-starring and henriksdal turning up as the credits rolled I was heading home.

Today I'm helping Julie out with her PhD and then we're heading to Glasgow, where we have a cheap hotel booked (huzzah for lastminute.com!) so that we can be awake bright and early to wander around town before:

Saturday: Cirque de Soleil's Quidam.  Which looks very promising.

Sunday: Seeing marrog and erindubitably for movie-watching.  Possibly Teeth, which cairmen referred to last night as "a very odd superhero origin story".  I look forward to disagreeing with him again having seen it for a second time.

Next week should be _much_ quieter.  I'm rather looking forward to it.
Vaudeville for the next five miles

A day of nice surprises

We got Julie's PhD stuff sorted out in record time, jumped a train at 4:15 and were in the hotel by 5:30.  Which turned out to be very nice - I knew it was a 4* hotel, but it still felt nicer than I was expecting.

Even nice than that was when they told me that I was getting a free upgrade to a suite.  On the top floor.  In a corner.  With two story windows that look South and East out over central Glasgow to the surrounding hills.  To be honest, it's the nicest hotel room I've ever stayed in - it's on two levels, with the bathroom and living room downstairs and the bedroom upstairs, looking down over the living room, and then out those amazing windows.

And then we looked at the hotel restaurant's menu, discovered their pre-theatre prices were better than most restaurants I'd been in, and dashed downstairs for a sirloin steak (me) and chicken breast with fondant potatoes (Julie).  Which were both to die for.

And then out to see Monsters and Aliens (in 3D).  Which was a bit clunky in places, but left us both with large grins on our faces from the sheer fun levels involved.  Also, best use of 3D I've seen in a movie, with it largely resisting the urge to wave things at the camera, and instead merely making everything feel slightly more real (which I find is what 3D does best).

And now back to our suite, where a luxurious bath is in order, followed by bed.

God, I feel spoiled.  I almost wonder what we did to deserve this.