March 23rd, 2009


Comics of the last ten years

Over here you can find a discussion of what comics of the last ten years you'd recommend to people.  Top ten only.  I thought of ten I loved - and then stopped.  I'm sure that I've missed out a lot of marvellous comics - but I'd have real problems dropping any of these.

Box Office Poison
Fun Home
Barry Ween: Boy Genius
The X-Men runs of Grant Morrison and Joss Whedon (in that order - they follow on from each other)
The Authority (complete Warren Ellis and Mark Millar runs, then stop)
The Ultimates volumes 1 and 2 (and then stop)
Fantastic Four (Mark Waid's run on it is magnificent)
Transmetropolitan (well, half of it was in the last ten years)

I've missed lots of good things off of there (LOEG, Promethea, Top Ten, just to name Alan Moore books) - anyone care to tell me what I _should_ have picked up?